Cattle on a Thousand Hills

Anxiety. Worry for the future. Will there be enough? Can I earn enough? Can I afford it? What if? How many times have I allowed concern over available resources (like money) to cloud my mind and steal my joy and confidence?  Making decisions that will impact my financial situation is scary. But when fear threatens […]

God is For You

When life seems to take all the wrong turns, it can be easy to believe that God is out to get you. Nothing could be further from the truth. God is for you. He wants to prosper you and bless you. Sometimes, however, the road is full of switchbacks and potholes. You see, God is […]

God is With You

Immanuel, God With Us. This statement of truth can be hard to believe when loneliness and despair set in. God is with us; He is with YOU. No matter how separated you feel from His presence, He is always there with you. In your pain, He is hurting with you. In your rejection, He is […]