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What Can a Proofreader Do For You?

Do you feel inspired to write a book, short story, or article but hesitate because grammar isn’t your thing? Do you have a book written but feel too intimidated to more forward with publishing or promoting because spelling and punctuation rules frighten you?

The solution to meeting your goal or achieving your dream of publishing a book or other written work is to hire a proofreader or copy editor. Will it cost money to hire a professional? Yes. How can you justify spending money on something like that? Well, how much is achieving your dream worth? Are you willing to invest a small amount for the payoff of being published? As a proofreader, I can’t guarantee that your book will be a hit or that you will get your money back in sales. But I can promise that if it is your dream to write a book, I can remove one stumbling block from your path. Let me worry about grammar, punctuation, and spelling. You focus on your story, your characters, your plot, and all the other exciting components that leave readers wanting more. I’ll take care of the technical issues that throw people off so your work can shine.

Don’t let the fear of English grammar rules keep you from achieving your dream. A small investment in proofreading or copyediting services may offer the reassurance you need to be confident in taking your final step toward publishing your book or submitting your story or article to the magazine, newspaper, or journal you’ve dreamed of writing for.


In its simplest terms, proofreading is checking for grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. Proofreading focuses on the technical aspects of sentence structure. The main concern is ensuring that HOW you say something is correct. This is where an eye for detail and in-depth knowledge of grammar and punctuation rules are needed.

At this point in your project, you should be happy with WHAT you are saying. There is little use in proofreading if you are planning on doing a complete rewrite because you need to fix the plot, character development, or add significantly to your work. After all, if you get your copy checked for grammar, punctuation, and spelling only to make sweeping changes, you’ll need to have it proofread again for technical correctness.

Work can be submitted in Microsoft Word, Pages, GoogleDoc, or PDF.

Published websites and blogs can be proofread from the live site—no reformatting necessary. All I need is the link to the site or page(s) you want proofread; I will download those as a PDF and send you the edits.

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Proofreading rate is $0.015/word with a $10 minimum fee.


Copyediting is a more in-depth look at your work that goes beyond grammar and punctuation. Copyediting focuses on WHAT you are saying. This includes recommendations for changing your wording to make the meaning more clear to the reader, pointing out inconsistencies in formatting, and noting confusing or missing information that leaves the reader wondering what they missed.

With copyediting, you may receive feedback on readability, suggestions for changes to sentence structure, and notes on initial reader reaction. This level of editing will help you identify areas where you know what your meant, but your reader is not sure or is likely to misinterpret your meaning. The real goal of copyediting is to make sure you are saying what you mean to say and that the reader hears and clearly understands what you are saying.

Copyediting rate is $0.02/word with a $15minimum fee.

Academic Editing

Academic editing requires a specialized eye and experience in academic writing. I have two Master’s degrees: one in Animal Science-Equine Nutrition and the other in Business Administration. These combined degrees have given me extensive experience writing scientific and academic papers including my own published thesis. I would love to help you finish out your thesis or dissertation and take some of the stress off by helping ensure your paper will meet the academic quality and technical requirements.

Prices for academic editing are determined by the scope of work needed and will be set on a case by case basis.

Copywriting or Content Curation

Due to the numerous variables in copywriting and content curation, rates will be discussed after we have a clear idea of the scope of work. I can guarantee fair and competitive rates and work with you to determine the best way to optimize use of your resources.

You can request a quote by completing the form below. Please be sure to include what type of editorial service you need and number of words for proofreading or copyediting requests. I’ll get back in touch with a quote and/or questions to further clarify the scope of work needed.