We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I came across this quote some time back and found it again while scrolling through my notes. It struck me then as it does now. Shouldn’t this realization change my perspective? I should really try to keep this in mind, especially when things get difficult (and there are plenty of difficulties in the world today) and I’m tempted to get my feathers ruffled. This is my human experience, and if I can keep an eternal focus on Christ then my perception of what is happening to and around me will be completely different. My reactions will be more godly, more patient, and more accepting of discomfort. 

Looking at it through this lens means that I’m here to learn and grow; it becomes an experiment of sorts, a way to process life from a different perspective.  From this perspective, I can distance my emotions in order to see situations more clearly and allow emotions to flow over me—experiencing them like one floating in a stream but anchored to the shore. The stream of emotions can flow around me, but I am centered and secure in the care of Christ instead of being swept away by turbulent waters. Wouldn’t it be great if I can learn how to live like that?

Life lived in this manner would be one where I can be compassionate toward my fellow man without allowing the surrounding noise and discord to take me places I was never meant to go. Rather than being flotsam in the rapids, I can help create a harbor of peace and a safe place for fellow travelers to find refuge. That is something I am seeking amid the chaos of recent headlines, a stronghold of peace and quiet. A place where God’s still, small voice is prominent rather than the roar of the crowds. 

God is inviting us to stop, unplug, and simply spend time with Him so He can bring us to His sanctuary. This is where we find hope, love, acceptance, forgiveness, and wisdom. This is where we learn how to make the most of our human experience.