Engage Your Audience


Copywriting is a special skill that only a few have the ability or desire to hone. It can make or break your message and branding when developing a new business or strengthen an existing one.

When developing our ReinerStop monthly bulletin, Michelle listened to our vision then took immediate action to bring it to life. So much so, I brought Michelle in to collaborate on my personal brand within the performance and wellness space as well.

Sheley Brien – ReinerStop Founder and Wellness Coach

Website Posts

Keep subscribers interested in your work with regular website or blog posts featuring your most current work, news, or resources.

Connect With Clients

Direct Emails

Direct emails communicate with your clients on a personal basis and are excellent ways to deliver breaking news or time-sensitive information.


Connect regularly with your subscribers to share relevant news and updates. You’ll stay in touch without overloading their inboxes while building a strong voice for your message.

Enlarge Your Network

Subscriber Engagement

Thanks to direct emails to existing customers, ReinerStop subscribers and open rates more than doubled in a ten month period. Open rates soared from 22% to over 44% (industry average is 21-27%), and subscribers jumped from just over 2,000 to 4,300.

Never underestimate the power of asking your existing clients to share.

Press Releases

Press releases to media outlets are an integral part of enlarging your network by distributing your news to parties outside your direct email or social media contacts.

Share Your Expertise

Articles & Media Coverage

When you become known as an expert in your field, you may be asked to contribute to an article in a magazine or newspaper. It is common practice to hire a ghostwriter to handle that for you.