I guess you can say have been on a writing hiatus. How easy it is to fall out of the habit and then find that the impetus which was keeping you going has faded to apathy. I awoke this morning with a renewed desire to start writing again. I haven’t posted anything new since July. In that time, I have taken a vacation, worked on several projects at home, and just last week, I began an online MBA program. None of these are why I stopped writing, that was lack of discipline and motivation. It is time to hit the restart button and begin again. I have a couple of ideas for future posts; the first is to discuss the concepts I’m learning in school through the lens of the spirit—how these concepts apply to life with Christ. That is what I was thinking of when I woke up. And the second comes from a devotional I just started this morning by Charles Stanley on the 30 life principles he lives by. I’ll start there since these principles are tried and true by a great man of God.

Principle 1: Our intimacy with God—His highest priority for our lives—determines the impact of our lives.

Charles Stanley

Genesis 1:26 states “Then God said, ‘Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness…’” 

We are made in God’s image, so it only makes sense that we should draw near to Him and become intimately familiar with Him in order to know who we are. Apart from Him we are incomplete. Think about what you do when you want to learn something. You draw near to those who excel in that area, you study, you practice, you may even obsess over it. In order to learn about who we are, we must draw near to the one whose we are. We must speak to God daily, asking for wisdom, insight, courage, and help for everything we do. We must practice drawing near to Him and hearing Him. We must obsess over living life with Jesus. Only then will we live as His image bearers. All other lives are distorted, abstract works that miss the truth and clarity that comes with intimacy with Christ.

May God bless all your restarts,