Satan convinced Eve that God didn’t say, “Do not eat from the fruit of the tree” or at least convinced her that the results of eating the fruit would not be devastating. He continues to use the same tactic today to convince us to sin. 

Knowing the enemy’s tricks can help you recognize them as the deadly traps they are. If the devil can convince you that your desires are valid despite what God’s Word says, then he can convince  you to act in a way counter to God’s will.

The next time you start wrestling with an issue of right or wrong, pause, pray, and seek God’s Word. Enter this process prayerfully and then read your Bible. Turn the devil’s trick around and ask yourself: “Did God really say?” Then turn to God’s Word and find the answer. The Bible may speak directly to your question about things like sexual purity, forgiveness, moral behavior, and what true worship means. If it clearly states the answer to your question then you have your answer. Do what the Bible tells you. It is there, written for your benefit. Take God at His Word. 

If His Word doesn’t speak directly to the problem, then search for clues. He’ll tell you through His actions and interactions with others. For instance, is abortion a sin? Abortion is not directly in the Bible, but God does tell us that He knows us before we are formed. He tells us how precious human life is and He tells us that He is a God of love, provision, protection, and justice. 

That difficult co-worker, family conflict, or personal trauma you are facing? God’s Word will help you discover how to handle those situations in a healthy manner that brings healing to you and the people around you. It may not be immediate, but keep following God’s instructions on lovingly confronting conflict, forgiving others, and standing for what is right. This isn’t an easy balance, but with God’s help, you can avoid the devil’s trap that will leave you in a vicious cycle of anger, frustration, anxiety, and depression.

It will take prayerful application of God’s Word as He speaks into your individual situation. Be willing to listen and be willing to surrender your own desire to God’s will. Soften the stubborn places of your heart and let God reveal Himself to you as you seek His face in whatever question you are facing.

Ultimately, it all comes down to a matter of belief. Do you believe that God is the creator of the universe? Do you believe He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to live and die for you? Do you believe that Jesus rose from the grave to serve as your Lord and Savior? Do you believe He sent His Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this life?

If the answer is yes, then your only reasonable choice is to follow God’s Word regardless of what the world tells you. Anything less shows that your belief is not firmly anchored in God’s truth. If your faith is not set securely on the firm foundation of Christ, then you’ll be vulnerable to being swept away in the tides of social and political change. 

Will you believe God or will you believe the lie?

May the questions that trouble you spark the desire to search out answers and follow in relentless pursuit of God’s truth.