Thanksgiving to Christmas

The next four weeks hold the best and most difficult days of the year. This is likely true for many people. This is a season of thankfulness, family, and hope. But it is also a season of loss, grief, and heartache. I know I’m not alone in this tension between joy and sorrow, celebration and […]

Missed Opportunities

How many opportunities have I missed? How many times has the chance to do something, learn something, or grow in some way been given to me and I’ve chosen to squander it through carelessness? Too many to count.  This makes me so grateful for God’s mercy and grace. It makes me rejoice that He is […]

Spilled Coffee & Other Blessings

The other morning I was driving to work and decided to stop at Chick-Fil-A. I was having a difficult time with anxiety and had a bad attitude about circumstances at work. Sitting in line, I felt my impatience rise along with my blood pressure.  “Lord, please help me with my attitude. I know what I’m […]