Living Upset

Sunday morning my heart felt heavy, disturbed. I didn’t know why but as I went to church, I prayed for understanding of this weight on my heart. I continued praying through worship and felt the heaviness begin to dissipate as I submitted to God. We had a guest speaker, Tim Ross, author of “Upset the […]

God Understands You

The need to be understood is so human and so appealing that people will spend their lives seeking someone who gets them. Some of us have that person from birth. A parent or a sibling. Others find this person in school or in later relationships. The search for a spouse is almost certain to include […]

God Has Purpose For You

“God has a purpose for your life. Live life with purpose. Pursue your purpose.” But what if you don’t know your purpose? What if you feel like you’re just drifting through life without a fulfilling, purposeful goal to pursue? I have struggled with purpose most of my life. I’ve envied those who knew “what they […]