The Purpose of Something

My mom’s cat, Diva, misusing the dryer as a bed.

The picture above is my Mom’s cat, Diva, misusing the dryer as her bed. Sparked from Craig Groeschel’s message “Find Your Why” during Life.Church service on April 26, 2020 When I saw the title of this message, I thought, “Great, another purpose message.” I feel like I’ve always struggled with “finding my purpose.” It’s an […]

Humility Overcomes Pride

As a follower of Christ, I know that humility is a desirable trait, while pride is to be avoided. Pride is just so . . . natural! Pride is too often my default, sometimes it can be wrapped in fear, sometimes in insecurity, but always it hesitates to step out of the safety of a […]

Move the Line

Spring cleaning—putting stuff away and decluttering—is therapeutic for me. It always makes me feel better, like my life is getting organized as I order my stuff. It’s so easy for there to be clutter buildup from day-to-day living, and before you know it, the counters, floors, and drawers are all full of stuff that doesn’t […]