Content That Connects

At A Price You Can Afford

Every good business owner needs to find the best value for each dollar invested. Copywriting is no exception. You need effective content at an affordable rate. Value without compromising quality. You’re tired of wasting time writing content that doesn’t connect, time you should be spending doing the things only you can do for your business. 

Take control of your time, work within your budget, and get content that works for  your business.  

As a small business owner, I understand what it’s like to try to do everything yourself. Accounting, taxes, marketing, budgeting, plus creating the service or product you depend on for your livelihood. You are drowning in your to do list. Your content isn’t connecting with your customers. You need someone to fill the gap without blowing your budget out of the water.  

Feeling Stuck?

My guess is that you are here because you have a limited budget for marketing and writing isn’t your strong suit (or at least not your favorite part of the job). This leaves you with three choices.

  1. Search for a marketing agency that will charge you exponentially more than I will.
  2. Keep writing your content yourself and wonder why it isn’t working.
  3. Hire a copywriter who creates content just for you. Save time, save money, save your sanity.

Option 1 is great if you have a big budget and big needs. In fact, I work as a freelance copywriter for a wonderful marketing agency. But they also have branding experts, project managers, social media specialists, and website design technicians. Many agencies won’t take small scale jobs that only need a copywriter. The ones that do have multiple people working on your project. All those experts add up to a big price tag; one that is totally worth it, if you can afford it. 

Option 2: I don’t have to tell you about this option because you are living it. You wouldn’t be here if it was working.

Option 3: Copywriters for the win! You pay one person to write the copy you need when you need it. You know how much time you spend on writing content. What is your time worth? Because when you hire a copywriter you are not just paying for their time, you are getting YOUR time back. 

Choosing the Right Copywriter

You know you need a copywriter. But how do you know who to chose? Here’s a few tips.

  1. Know your budget. Stick to what you can afford.
  2. Know industry averages. 
  3. Understand the role of the copywriter. 
  4. Read their work. Does it resonate with you? Is it clear and concise? 
  5. References. Do they offer a portfolio or references (feel free to ask when you call for more information). 
  6. Do they know your industry? Copywriters can research and write effectively about various industries, but if you can find someone with experience in your specific industry, they’ll be a step ahead on research.
  7. Interview more than one. Talk to at least three copywriters if you can. You can tell pretty quickly if you’ll be able to work well together.
  8. Go with your gut. When all else fails, listen to your instincts.

Why Me?

My business passions are writing and helping other small business owners succeed. I’d like to do the same for you by offering a great value and point to satisfied customers and repeat business from people just like you as proof that I bring immense value not just low prices.

Check out my base rates here

The proof that I’m the copywriter you’ve been looking for is in the content.

Proof 1: You’ve read this far, which means I’ve done my job as a copywriter. You kept reading because you believe I can help you. I’ll be as intentional about developing copy that keeps your customers engaged as I am when creating mine. 

Proof 2: Take a look at my Portfolio to see more examples of work I done for clients. Client satisfaction and engagement is my goal with each piece of content I write. I don’t want to be your copywriter for one project. I want to be the copywriter you choose for every project.

Proof 3: If I’ve truly done my job then it’s time to ask you to take the next step.  I know you are ready to take your business to the next level with effective content that connects. Schedule a call with me to further explore how working together can help your business thrive.